The Kessler Academy

      a chamber orchestra

Microcosmos Quartet announces the tenth Kessler Academy for young musicians, a conductorless mentorship orchestra led by members of the Microcosmos Quartet and focusing on string orchestra repertoire composed in the past one hundred years.

"I honestly think that I have never grown so much as a musician in such a short time as I did last week. It stretched me beyond my limits and challenged me, but I came out of it feeling much different (and happier) about my musical abilities." (2015 participant)

With the understanding that there is no better learning situation than making music alongside those with more experience, the Kessler Academy was established to give young string players an intensive experience preparing and performing a challenging program in a professional context.

The session will involve a concentrated period of rehearsal at the Post at 750 in downtown Vancouver, followed by a public concert in the Orpheum Annex, presented by Music on Main on August 10th, 2024. Rehearals will begin on August 4th.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of friends of the Microcosmos Quartet, along with private and foundation sponsors, participation is subsidized. The Kessler Academy is open to advanced high school and university level students, as well as young professional musicians.

To contribute to this important and valuable opportunity for young musicans:

or please send a cheque, made out to Music on Main, with ‘Kessler Academy’ on the Memo line, to:

Music on Main

110-750 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, BC

V6B 2R5

The Kessler Academy is a project of Microcosmos Quartet, in collaboration with Music on Main.


              a string quartet